How much does Artwork cost?

Artwork for screen-print shirts start at $50 for intricate designs. Simple designs are assessed on a case-by-case basis.


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Artwork FAQ's


If you are providing your own artwork, please make every attempt to provide the file in vector format for the highest quality print (Adobe Illustrator files with all text converted to outlines is preferred). If submitting an Adobe Photoshop file, please ensure that the format is at least 300 dpi and the artwork is with layers. If you are unable to provide a vector file or 300 dpi copy of your artwork, we can not ensure a high quality print. If your submitted artwork is of poor quality (pixelated), there is a possibility your printed items will reflect that. We will create artwork for your shirts at no additional cost to you per request. We will NOT use or print artwork created from other screen printing shops without their permission or ANY artwork with watermarks present. Artwork will be sized to fit on the smallest shirt in your order so that it can be printed on all sizes. If artwork needs to be resized to fit different garments or items, there will be a $25 per color screen charge. If you require the art file(s) created for your order for your own personal use, you may purchase the artwork/design rights at any time from i-Print-Tees. Cost for rights to artwork/designs are based on case by case situations depending on the amount of time and work used to create said design with a minimum cost of $50. 


WE DO NOT OFFER PRESS CHECKS. Art approvals (mock ups) will be sent via e-mail (or text if specified) within a reasonable time after order has been placed. The mock up must be approved with a reply to the email (or text). Please, review all the information on the mock up before approving. It is your responsibility to check the mock up for artwork accuracy such as: color, placement, spelling, product information, etc. Please be aware that any mock up you receive does not necessarily reflect 100% accuracy of what the items will look like when printed. They are intended as art proofs. If you do not approve the mock up within 24 hours, your order may be delayed. After the mock-up is approved, any changes will be subject to additional fees. The mock up reflects a standard medium size t-shirt (actual size of t-shirt will vary depending on your order). i-Print-Tees is not responsible for hindrance on production due to delayed approval of the sent mock up.


We do our best to ensure every garment is printed correctly, but mistakes happen. Customers have 48 hours to inspect and report any damages or defects with their order. We are not responsible for any missing items in your order once you leave our shop with your order. Please be aware that we count your order three separate times during the production process; when it arrives from our warehouse, when its printed, and when they’re ready for pick up. If you provide your own items to be printed on, i-Print-Tees is not responsible for any damage that may occur during the printing process. i-Print-Tees is not liable for inconsistencies in discharge printing due to fabric, dye and/or fabric content. i-Print-Tees is not responsible if certain items are out of stock. If items are out of stock, we will inform you as soon as possible and offer you alternative styles. Print Placement: Please be aware that the industry standard is 1/4” tolerance in either direction. This will not be considered a misprint.